October 10, 2008

I find the recent strategic decision of both the Obama and McCain campaigns to
mercilessly attack each other
both interesting and telling. Far be it from me to
step into their mud-slinging ring (they're doing a fine job of tearing each apart
without (much) help from me), but have you noticed that neither of them have
taken aim at me, Brad Willard, and the Willard 2008 campaign?

I can think of several explanations for their "kid glove" approach to my
candidacy. One very real possibility is that both McCain and Obama recognize
that my supporters are true Americans who love and support their country
above all else. To attack me would be to attack you, and they know that won't
play well on the coasts or in the heartland.

Another explanation is that McCain and Obama must both know that I'm
above reproach
. Any attacks on my unassailable character would just lead
people to probe McCain and Obama's shortcomings even further. We've all
seen how many shortcomings they both have (thanks in large part to all their
negative ads against each other), so they probably both recognize that coming
after me would be like Dick Cheney accusing someone of being secretive. Or
as George W. Bush might say, "In other words, if you throw mud into a fan
you'll just end up muddified."

Finally, they may both realize that I am simply a stronger and more
determined candidate. If either or both of them come after me, they know that
I'd come right back
and hit them like a ton of bricks. And neither McCain nor
Obama is man enough (or President enough) to stand up to a Willard bag of

In any case, both of the other candidates' unwillingness to attack me is
probably the first sign of intelligence to come out of either of their campaigns.
Attack Politics - October 10, 2008