Who is Brad Willard? The short answer is, I am. But for those of you
who aren't Brad Willard, this is probably an uninformative and
unsatisfying answer. So I'll start by telling you who I'm not. I'm not a
Republican, I'm not a Democrat, I'm not a Communist, nor am I a
Unitarian or a Shriner. I'm not a movie star, I don't play quarterback
for the Dallas Cowboys or shortstop for the New York Yankees, and
I'm not a politician. I am an American, and I have a distinct set of
beliefs and a moral compass that guides me in my life. I consider
myself to be an honest, trustworthy man, a man of conviction (but
not convictions). I have grown as a result of the experiences life has
thrown at me, and I have applied these “lessons learned” to try to
better myself and those around me.

As anxious as I am to be elected President and to take up residence at
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, my desire to serve my country has its
moral limits. I will not sell my soul or sell out my principles to win
this election. In fact, I believe that I will win this election precisely
because I will remain true to my beliefs, policies and political
convictions. I vow that the fundamental positions I spell out in my
campaign platform will remain the focus of my spiritual, moral and
pragmatic guidance of our great nation.
Who is Brad Willard?