Many of you are likely to be skeptical of my motivations, my agenda
and my mental fitness. I do not hold this against you. In their day,
visionaries like Van Gogh, Picasso and Larry Hagman were also
ridiculed and misunderstood. All I ask is that you keep an open mind
until you have read through this web site and perhaps even my book
before you pass your final judgment. I believe that, if you take the
time to consider the issues and my positions on them, you will
recognize that I truly possess the indescribable qualities that are
necessary to lead this great nation. Open your eyes, open your mind
and join the Willard 2008 movement!
The Issues
If you are intrigued by my views on these issues, and
would like a more comprehensive view of my take on
the issues I think our nation needs to address, you
should visit the Willard 2008 campaign store and buy
my complete campaign book. This book includes my
thoughts and beliefs on a wide range of subjects,

  • Exploratory Committees
  • Debates
  • Special Interests
  • Political Correctness
  • Diversity
  • The Second Amendment
  • The Legal System
  • Terrorism
  • Immigration
  • The Banjo
  • Religion
  • Defense Spending
  • China
  • The Penal System
  • Puerto Rico
  • Gays in the Military
  • Delegation
  • The Budget Deficit
  • Sports
For Brad's thoughts and comments
on other key issues and current
events, be sure to frequently check
out the
Brad Blog.

For answers to questions from
supporters and doubters, be sure to
periodically visit
Ask Brad.

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