Barack Hussein Obama is a radical Islamist who must be stopped! He
hates women (especially Hillary Clinton), he freely associates with
criminals, ex-terrorists and crazy preachers, and he loves arugula and
drives a hybrid car. Maybe he's qualified to be a substitute teacher,
but he's certainly not ready to be President of the United States.

As a proud and dedicated American, I have taken it upon myself to
document (sometimes in detail, and sometimes even factually) the
reasons why Barack Hussein Obama should be sent back to Chicago to
tool around town and spout anti-American rhetoric in his hybrid.. My
"book", entitled
"Barack Hussein Obama Stole My House*", lays out a
clear, concise and utterly unassailable case against an Obama
presidency. Here are some excerpts:

Chapter 1: Barack Hussein Obama's Early Years
When Barack Hussein Obama was about six years old, his mother re-
married and they all moved to Indonesia. Indonesia is a country where
there are lots of terrorists and terrorist attacks. I’m not saying that
Barack Hussein Obama himself is a terrorist, but he’s obviously a
terrorist-sympathizer if he wants to live in a terrorist-loving country.

It was here in Indonesia that Obama began studying at a radical
madrasa. At this madrasa, Barack Hussein Obama’s school day was
broken down into traditional areas of educational focus; Reading,
Writing, History, Death to America, Math, Expelling the Infidels, and
Science. Barack Hussein Obama also enrolled in the after-school
program at his madrasa, which is where he perfected his technique on
his now famous “terrorist fist bump”. For the record, the after school
specials in Indonesia are just as cheesy and bad as the after school
specials in America.

Chapter 5: Barack Hussein Obama's Initial Foray into Politics
Barack Hussein Obama “worked” as a state legislator starting in 1996.
While in the Illinois state legislature, Barack Hussein Obama basically
took up space, and occasionally voted (mostly he voted “present”
instead of “yes” or “no”…almost 130 times, in case you’re counting).
His big accomplishments in the Illinois state legislature were around
ethics reform, health care reform and tax credits for low income
workers. While these may sound like noble, bipartisan causes that
weren’t self-serving, it should be noted that at that time, Barack
Hussein Obama was a fairly poor guy who needed health care and tax
credits. Continuing in his efforts to advance himself, in 2003 Barack
Hussein Obama sponsored legislation to monitor racial profiling by
Illinois police. I find it a bit disingenuous that Barack Hussein Obama
pretended (and pretends) to be a man of the masses, yet when it comes
to major legislation he focuses on laws that primarily benefit Barack
Hussein Obama.

I don’t want to belabor the point, but by virtually all accounts Barack
Hussein Obama was a lightweight in state government. Some of the
lesser known legislation that Barack Hussein Obama authored in the
Illinois legislature include; the “Let’s give money to people who are
half-Kenyan, half-Kansan” bill, the “Free pizza for former community
organizers day” proclamation and the “No income tax for snooty
Harvard graduates” bill.

Chapter 7: Barack Hussein Obama and the Military
Barack Hussein Obama, on the other hand, has never served in the
military and has never even tried to serve. He was too busy doing
drugs in college to think about sacrificing for his country, and then he
was too busy organizing communities after that to enlist in one of our
nation’s fine military branches.

Not only did the other “Big 3” serve (or try to serve) their country, but
they also encouraged their children to do the same. John McCain has
two sons currently on active duty, and Sarah Palin has a son who is
just now deploying with his unit to serve in Iraq. Joe Biden’s son Beau
will be shipping out soon with his Delaware National Guard Unit.
Unique among his three peers, Barack Hussein Obama is the only one
of the major party principals who does not have children serving in
the military. Some speculate that this is because his two children are
both girls, and the oldest is about ten years old. Personally, I think this
is a cop-out and more evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is an elitist
who thinks he (and his kids) are too good for a stint in the military.
The question this raises is a simple one; does Barack Obama hate
America, or is he just raising his kids to hate America? Or is it both?

Chapter 18: Barack Hussein Obama and the Reverend Wright
Reverend Wright also gave a speech in which he contended that the
attacks on America on September 11, 2001 were an example of
“chickens coming home to roost.” This are clearly the words of a man
(Reverend Wright) who hates America, and only another man (Barack
Hussein Obama) who hates America would allow himself to be
spiritually guided by this man. Additionally, I believe this speech was
a preemptive attack against Republican Vice-Presidential candidate
Sarah Palin. In my opinion, anyone who uses any kind of barnyard
metaphor (“lipstick on a pig” for example, or “chickens coming home
to roost”), is clearly attacking the very strong but feminine Sarah
Palin. This is the ultimate in hate and attack politics, and it is exactly
what we’ve come to expect from Barack Hussein Obama, his
campaign, his supporters and his spiritual guides.
Stop Barack Hussein Obama Now!!