November 4, 2008

Unlike John McCain (who ran away like a little girl instead of fighting like a
real man), I am not making a concession speech to Barack Obama in which I
concede that I did not win. I believe that there were widespread efforts to
discredit, ignore and/or not listen to me or anything I said during this
campaign. This effort was led by the Democratic and Republican parties, the
mainstream media and fringe blogospheres, and by apathetic everyday

I did try to call Barack Obama to let him know that I will not be conceding and
that I plan on contesting the presidential election results, but I can tell you
from that experience that it’s hard to get Barack Obama’s phone number by
dialing 411. At this point I am willing to congratulate Senator Obama on the
fine campaign he ran, on the historic and inspiring nature of his "victory", and
on his calm, steady and presidential demeanor that he has displayed
throughout the campaign. If, for some reason, my candidacy is somehow
denied, I'm sure he'll make a fine second choice for America.

I have a team of lawyers looking into how I can best contest the election results
(actually, my team consists of one trial lawyer, a certified public accountant
and the guy on the barstool next to me). I will not stop until I exhaust all
opportunities to ensure that justice (if not the will of the voters) is served.

Let me again reiterate that I am resolutely firm in my commitment to not
concede. In fact, I promise all Americans (not just the three who officially
voted for me) that I will not be making any statements or taking any actions
that could in any way be construed as a concession. When I go to sporting or
entertainment events, I will not visit the concession stand, no matter how
much I crave a hot dog or some nachos (though I may have someone visit the
concession stand for me to get me a beer). I will also not attend any reunions,
events or gatherings of current or former prisoners to avoid anyone thinking
that I was at a “con session”.

I expect that all this will take time, and that the “do over” election probably
won’t happen until 2009 or 2010. Rest assured, I will be ready whenever this
real election takes place.

So let me say first and foremost, "Thank you for your support". In the
meantime, I am also preparing myself for my re-election in 2012. Stay tuned!
Willard Non-Concession - November 4, 2008