Official Endorsement - The Jeff O'Neil Show
93.3 The Fox in Vancouver, Canada
Dear Jeff,

I know your radio show is based in Vancouver, and that Vancouver is in Canada. I'm not 100%
positive on this, but I don't think Canadians are technically allowed to vote in the U.S. presidential
election. Be that as it may, Canada is and has always been (except for that whole episode in the
War of 1812) a good neighbor to the United States. In fact, Canada has been such a great
neighbor (unlike another country South of the U.S. whose name I won't disclose here but I will tell
you it rhymes with "Rexico"), we haven't felt the need to build a wall to keep you out of the United
States. But I digress...

I'm sure Canada is aware that we Americans have an election coming up in November. You've
probably heard about Barack Obama and John McCain, but you've probably never heard about me,
Brad Willard (unless Canadians are big readers of the police blotter in Windsor, Ontario, that is).

I am the man poised to take the crown (so to speak) that the Democrats and Republicans have
traded back and forth over the last 962 years. I am also a friend of Canada. I like Molsons, Labatts
and Kokanee (although truth be told, I pretty much like all beers), I'm a big fan of poteen, and when
in Toronto I'll sometimes sprinkle vinegar on my fries (or, as they call them in the U.K., chips). I'm
not a huge hockey fan, but I'm pretty sure that many of the wood-based products and building
materials in my house use Canadian lumber.

I'd like to ensure the U.S.-Canadian relationship continues on a positive note, so I'm asking you to
formally endorse my candidacy as soon as possible. If you check out my website:
you'll see that I'm the one candidate who is willing to tackle any and all issues. Plus, unlike some
of the other candidates in the field, I am neither a communist nor a fascist.

I look forward to your imminent endorsement.


Brad Willard

P.S. As President, I will fully support Scotty’s efforts to have October 12th declared “Assless Chaps
Day” (in Canada, at least)

Hey Brad, you had me at "Coolness".

We aren't allowed to vote in your election, but I would vote for you if I could. I'm very impressed with
your knowledge of Canada! And history....breaking out the War of 1812 and all.....VERY impressive.

Thanks for listening, and we wish you the best of luck! Hopefully our countries can continue to get
along - even better.

Rock on!

Morning Show Skirt
Jeff O'Neil Show
99.3 The Fox
Western Canada's #1 Modern Rocker
Vancouver, B.C.