Fox News Exposed! Fox News in the Bag for Obama!
Breaking news from the Willard 2008 campaign! Despite popular opinion that the Fox
News network is a Republican mouthpiece, we have uncovered evidence that Rupert
Murdoch's network is actually tightly embedded with the Obama campaign. The often
nonsensical arguments made by the likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and the dumb
but lovable hosts of "Fox and Friends" are a strategic ruse to ensure that Fox News
reporter Carl Cameron's half-brother Barack Obama gets elected President in 2008.

Check out the ears on these two otherwise biologically normal human beings and you'll
note that it is indisputable that these two fine fellows are related. How the Obama
campaign was able to have one of his relatives infiltrate their arch-enemy we don't know,
but it once again demonstrates the power of the mainstream media to shut out the
Willard 2008 campaign.

We don't have the pictures of Rupert Murdoch that Carl Cameron does, but we know they
must be juicy and salacious if the entire Fox Network is ready to throw in the towel and let
Obama win in 2008.

If you watch CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or the Food Channel, you'll get the mainstream
candidates' spin that the "powers that be" use to keep Brad Willard out of office in 2008. If
you read, you'll get the truth that shall set you free!