The Willard Base
People, places and things are coming out of the woodwork (as
well as the pages of history) to show their support for the Willard
2008 campaign...If you have a picture showing support for the
campaign, send it to and I'll post it here.
Willard 2008 supporter (and
fisherman) Tom M doesn't
seem to understand how
campaigns are run in
modern times, but he's
eager to donate his catch
of the day to support the
Though now long-dead, our
9th President William
Harrison had several things in
common with Brad Willard,
including a love of his
country and his love of an
occasional adult beverage.
His support was ouija
board-mailed to Willard 2008
campaign headquarters
earlier this week.
In a shocking development earlier today,
the Willard 2008 campaign was
enthusiastically endorsed by Apple Pie.
"No other candidate in this race has
demonstrated the patriotism, the sense of
duty and the spirit of picnics that I look for
in a President", the popular dessert dish
was quoted as saying.
In a joint announcement today, 1970s Oscar Gamble
and Billy Gibbons from the seminal rock band ZZ Top
not only enthusiastically proclaimed their support for
the Willard 2008 campaign, but pledged not to cut
their hair and beard (respectively) until Brad Willard
is elected President.
Inspired by 1970s Oscar
Gamble and ZZ Top's
Billy Gibbons, Amit N
from Ann Arbor has
pledged to honor his
wife's wish for him to
only if Brad
Willard is elected in 2008
We thought it would happen, just not this soon. The
machines are taking over, and they seem to be
united in their goal; Elect Brad Willard to the
presidency in 2008! And for the record, this is an
endorsement from an
American truck (a Chevy), so
take that for what it's worth....
Gabriela W in Richmond,
Virginia is setting an example
of healthy living for all
toddlers by getting all her
daily nutrients and vitamins,
and by supporting the Willard
2008 campaign. Carry on
Gabriela, we're counting on
your vote in Brad's 4th
reelection  bid in 2024!
Heinrich H, poet from
Duesseldorf, Germany, is a
huge fan of both the Fortuna
Duesseldorf soccer club and
the Willard 2008 campaign.
Although he is not technically
able to vote for Brad Willard for
President in 2008, he is
committed to voting for
Willard-friendly delegates to the
German Bundestag in the nex t
Equestrian, Farrier and
Aquarium Supporter
Extraordinaire David B
from Rhode Island is all
about bandwagons...He's
ready to ride with the
Boston Red Sox when
they're world champs,
and he's ready to ride
with Willard 2008 to the
White House in
Willard 2008 t-shirts are popping up everywhere! At
least in South Carolina if you go to car shows there
and run into James M.
The youth of South Carolina know what's good...I'm
talking about classic cars, some tasty java and of
course Brad Willard. Angel M and her friends
demonstrate their coolness and set a fine example for
the other youths across America....
Cute as a button Danae I from
Dallas, TX is proud to support the
Willard 2008 campaign, but wants
you to know that if you don't vote for
Brad Willard in November, there's a
good chance she will come to your
house and throw the mother of all